11 Couples Confess Why They’re Giving An Open Relationship A Shot

Relationships are one of those things in life that you can never truly understand unless you’re inside of them yourself, and so I think that most of us try not to judge.

If you can manage that, it can be interesting to hear how things work for other people (and how they don’t) – and these 11 couples are talking about their choice to give an open relationship a try.

11. It’s total bs.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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10. She’s feeling protective.

I didn’t really expect this one!

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9. I bet many couples run into this issue.

There might not be much of a way around it.

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8. I hope it works out.

Instead of someone deciding they want out for good.

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7. It’s walking a fine line.

But the first step is identifying what you want!

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6. Maybe more rules should have been discussed.

Otherwise, I don’t think he did anything wrong.

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5. He’s definitely not happy.

But perhaps this should have been expected/discussed.

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4. Curious how this works.

But whatever works for your relationship should be a go!

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3. An odd sentiment, but ok.

Maybe one person just isn’t enough for some folks!

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2. If it all works out in the end, it will have been worth it.

And if it doesn’t, I suppose everyone has learned something.

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1. Sounds like something to explore in therapy.

It can sometimes feel good to be bad, but maybe not long term.

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I need follow ups on all of these because now I want to know what happened later on.

If you’ve been in an open relationship and want to share the details of how things turned out, our comments are open!