11 Amazing Facts That Prove Friendships Are What Life Is All About

There’s only one thing better than having good friends: having BFFs!

After you check out these facts about besties of all colors, creeds and species, I’m sure you’ll agree. 🙂

#11. Geniuses Unite!

Twain & Tesla

#10. The Fox & The Hound

Juniper and Moose

#9. To Inspire An Awesome Author

Harper Lee's Friends

#8. “…and died holding hands.”

Floyd and Violet Hartwig

#7. Lions And Tigers And Bears… Awwwwww!


#6. Elephants Have Amazing Memories

Elephant Friends

 #5. Dogs Are Their Own Best Friends

Dog Best Friends

#4. Besties For 71 Years!

Best Friends For 71 Years

#3. The Fox & The Hound, Part 2

Fox And Hound 2

#2. Let’s ALL Live Together!

Texas Friends

#1. Make ALL The Friends!

Pit Bull Friends