11 Hilarious Posts About Getting Older

There’s no way out of getting older – no way most of us would be willing to take, anyway – and so we all find ourselves staring into the abyss sooner rather than later.

In my experience, aging really hasn’t been so bad. Mostly I enjoy no longer having to give so many f**ks about pretty much anything and everything.

Also I don’t have to wear makeup if I don’t want to. Winning!

If you’re ready to accept the fact that you’re aging – or you’re still resistant – you’re going to be able to laugh at these 11 hilariously true posts!

11. We’ve moved beyond the toddler stage.

Finally. In theory.

Image Credit: The Chive

10. Everything can give you anxiety.

Welcome to your brain over 30.

Image Credit: The Chive

9. We just wanted to be a bit older.

We weren’t talking about this.

Image Credit: The Chive

8. Just eat the snacks.

No one cares anymore if you can fit into your jeans from college.

Image Credit: The Chive

7. We’re basically the Crypt Keeper.

You know what? I’m ok with it.

Image Credit: The Chive

6. My parents do this.

I have not reached this stage of aging just yet.

Image Credit: The Chive

5. That goes double if you have kids.

Or cats.

Image Credit: The Chive

4. Back in the 70s!

Maybe they’ll think you were a hippie and you could get some cred that way.

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3. It’s not like we were led to believe.

Can we get some kind of refund?

Image Credit: The Chive

2. You just kind of accept it, too.

If this is how I go, so be it.

Image Credit: The Chive

1. At least you have a friend that comes over.

That’s something.

Image Credit: The Chive

See what I mean? We can all laugh about it together, because we can’t change it.

What’s your favorite thing about getting older? Tell us about it in the comments!