15 Quotes About Aging You’ll Need Reading Glasses To Understand

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Everyone ages–no escaping it. Yet we shouldn’t mind it so much. Heck, we deserve to get old and start calling out things as we see them. It’s a badge of honor.

To help you get in the “aging is fun” mindset, read these quotes about the institution of aging. Oh, and your glasses are on top of your head, dear.

1. Your hearing and eyesight are interconnected.

Why is that? Anyone know?

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2. It’s always helpful to have an attitude of gratitude.

It’s the little things that help see us through.

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3. Having a favorite grocery store means never having to guess which end has the cottage cheese.

Because old ladies eat cottage cheese.

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4. So true!

No one said we had to grow up.

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5. Can someone make it wait for us?

Although I wonder if we do want it to wait for us.

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6. Our aging knees and other joints are a beautiful symphony of wisdom.

Or some crap like that.

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7. Movies starting later than 8 o’clock don’t get finished.

That’s for young and wild folks.

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8. We confuse ourselves.

But the body may be closer to the truth.


9. Betty White says it best.

Bananas have it way worse.

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10. Sounds like fun.

Until you remember where the bottom of the hill is.

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11. Can they list the old years on top?

We don’t have that much time left.


12. Aging is funny.

Grab your girlfriends and laugh until you annoy young people.


13. But you just can’t eat the way you used to.

Pizza at midnight will soon be a fond memory.


14. Wouldn’t it be great if we had all the perspective that comes with aging in our 20-something bodies?

World peace.


15. When you’re old, you can say your age is whatever you want it to be.

And, no one will have the nerve to correct you.

Gray hair strands and crow’s feet say you’ve spent a lifetime caring about people and laughing with friends. Don’t hide them. Wear them with pride.

And, don’t forget to laugh until you pee a little.