11 Hilarious Text Fails You’re Not Going To Want To Miss

Texting is one of my favorite modern inventions. Talking on the phone is the worst, first of all, and I also love having the ability to respond when I have time or when I’m ready and not immediately.

And sure, sometimes I forget I ever received it, but that’s life in the modern world, bub.

That said, sometimes things go awry, my friends – and these 11 texts messages are proof that even the best things fall victim to user fails.

11. “You idiot” lololol.


byu/GuppyV2 infacepalm

10. That’s not the right word.

But strangely I think it kind of works.

Is this paste some sort of French delicacy?
byu/Steve_3dPhysique inBoneAppleTea

9. We just found your phone.

It was in your hand the whole time.

Image Credit: Imgur

8. Those are two different things.

Two very different things.

takin a bath
byu/Mditty129 inBoneAppleTea

7. They were trying so hard.

For a little while, at least.

Hmm, some more Parm a Shaun on my pasta please.
byu/ppoliziani inexcgarated

6. No. You are both wrong.

It’s a match made in heaven.

Jet I mind tricks
byu/renoblortap inBoneAppleTea

5. I guess we all have one.

But we definitely don’t need it.

We all have glob ladders, right?
byu/Cephalopodic inBoneAppleTea

4. I don’t think this is going to work out.

He just keeps trudging in deeper and deeper.

[deleted by user]
by incringepics

3. I don’t feel like we agreed on this one.

Not that anyone asks me to approve anything.

byu/PigEyedMonster infacepalm

2. Go and lick a ham.

It might not save your life but it will be delicious.

Ham lick my hams bb.
byu/BUTTERNUBS1995 inBoneAppleTea

1. Just take the money and run.

That’s capitalism, my friends.

Haggling 101
by infacepalm

I am laughing so hard, because this kind of stuff totally happens to me on a regular basis, I swear.

What’s the most hilarious text fail you’ve have pop up on your own phone? Tell us about it in the comments!