11 Hilarious Tweets to Lift Your Spirits

We need to smile more than ever.

This year has been unexpectedly difficult for many people, but we keep plugging along as best we can. What helps daily is laughter—and that’s where 11 these fun tweets come in. If you crack a smile at least once, we’ve done our job.

It’s hard not to let it all get you down, especially now. So take a little time, and let these different perspectives have a go at your funny bone—we guarantee you won’t be sorry!

1. A necessary bummer.

There is nothing worse, but hey, wear a mask, okay?

2. Binky, get away from the door!

Stealth cat wrassling.


3. Happy Birthday, mom? We guess?

Uh, sorry for your loss… now blow out the candles.

4. Ok, now we’re sad.

You didn’t name them, did you?

5. Please send us a time machine.

We’d happily dodge dinosaurs at this point.

6. It’s not about the drink, it’s about the journey.

We miss the smells, sounds, and the wet, sticky floor below our feet, too.

7. See you at 3 a.m.!

Let the pity party commence.

8. The future wasn’t supposed to look like this.

But do they come scented with pine?


9. Hey, it works!

Now, paint us up a delicious burrito.


10. Sure, it’s convenient.

But was it good for all mankind?


11. Don’t forget the ball of yarn.

Or the chicken treats. We love chicken treats.

We certainly hope these tweets gave you a little life and a big giggle on an otherwise dreary day.

Which were your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!