11 Memes Created by Teachers For Their Students

Photo Credit: Reddit

A good visual aid helps make a lesson stick. So these teachers knew what they were doing when they chose to use these memes to push their content. Good or cringey…it doesn’t matter. The fact is they’re trying and we’re okay with that.

Here are 11 that are at least a B.

1. Social studies class

Just throw away the textbook. There’s nothing good in there anyway.

My teacher always opens Social Studies with a meme…
byu/Dougygob inFellowKids

2. Funny, funny professor

He’s ready for it.

Very relatable, professor!
byu/th-mas inFellowKids

3. “Happy Valentine’s Day to myself.”

Bitter, party of one? We’ve got the perfect petty table for you!

In my English class
byu/Yanguez inFellowKids

4. Remember when the pandemic was funny?

Sigh, good times.

What My teach posted on online school. Not really A “r/fellowkids” cause my teacher is pretty young and is modern.
byu/whenauseristaken inFellowKids

5. Bring back the dog meme.

We’re off to a shaky start. Not good.

My science teacher has yet to realize that nobody has created a doge meme since 2016
byu/iceysouls inFellowKids

6. 1917 Communists be like…

You’re free to laugh if you’d like. LAUGH!

History teacher makes relate meme (Sorry for angle of the picture)
byu/mrhotshotshun inFellowKids

7. The Baby Yoda Scale needs to be a thing like right now.

I’m usually a 4.

My teacher has put this on a survey for distance online schooling……
byu/peperona inFellowKids

8. Accounting teachers using their time wisely.


My ~60 year old accounting teacher using tiger king memes
byu/daisy_s21 inFellowKids

9. Music teacher for the win.

There’s always time for practice.

My music teacher sent us this, bless her soul
byu/dingus_dot_com inFellowKids

10. History teacher coming after Karens!

No gatherings for the foreseeable future. We mean it!

my history teacher posted this to day
byu/diedhairkiddo8 inFellowKids

11. Any teacher who likes Mr. Bean is a good one.

Mr. Bean nails the look. So damn creepy.

My teacher sent this To the class in online classes.
byu/Samy3535 inFellowKids

What have we learned from this list? Not much. But it never hurts to use a little humor to get students engaged in learning. The effort it took to get a shot and post it to social media means someone was awake during class, so that’s good.

Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.