11 Men Get Real About Their Feelings About Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is something of a controversial holiday, as it’s not connected to any religion or personal celebration. It’s a “commercial” holiday where people are expected to go to some kind of effort to show their love for the people in their lives.

These 11 men are about to sound off about their thoughts on the day, so buckle up!

11. It can be intimidating.

But it’s a chance to rise to the challenge!

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10. If you want to be selfish.

Or you know. Gross.

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9. Someone is out there looking for a single nerd.

I’m just saying.

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8. Bad vibes.

Maybe someone will come along and turn them around one day.

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7. Take this how you will.

I don’t want to comment.

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6. At least one of those things might change.

Hope springs eternal and all of that.

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5. Is that a thing?

I had no idea that was a thing.

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4. You should show your love every day.

That’s true.

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3. Don’t let it get you down!

It’s not even a real holiday.

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2. There’s so much pressure.

It can be a lot to live up to.

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1. You can go on a date anytime.

Now go out there and find the nice girl.

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I will say that, as a woman, I don’t have much use for Valentine’s Day, either.

But I mean. I’ll take the candy.