12 People Who Suffer From Clinical “Picky Eating” Talk About What It’s Like

There are picky eaters, and then there are picky eaters – and it turns out there’s a clinical diagnosis for the latter type.

Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) is an eating disorder characterized by extremely selective eating habits.

These 12 people are living with it, and want to tell you what it’s like.

12. I’m sure it’s a long road.

But probably one worth traveling.

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11. Don’t bully people with a disorder.

Especially if that person is someone you’re supposed to love.

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10. Don’t hurt your family!

You’re supposed to be their safe place.

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9. I can’t even imagine.

This all sounds very complicated.

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8. A little understanding goes a long way.

And it doesn’t cost anything.

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7. Too many people judge food issues.

They’re not too kind about allergies sometimes, either.

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6. Most recoveries are like this.

Just keep forging ahead.

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5. They can’t help it.

I can’t imagine people would choose to live this way.

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4. Wow, how to manage?

I hope they’re on some good supplements.

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3. This sounds awful.

I’m so sorry for people who are struggling.

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2. Assume people aren’t lying.

You’ll be right more than you’re wrong.

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1. Food is the best.

It would stink to hate it most of the time.

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I’m so thankful I don’t deal with this.

Here’s hoping my kids are just regular picky eaters, too.