11 Older People Who Are Still Working Out How to Use Social Media

Image Credit: Reddit

I know it’s funny to post our parents and grandparents gaffs on social media, but listen – I give them major props for trying to figure out the technical and social aspects of the internet at all.

I’m a late GenXer, and as someone who grew up both without the internet and with the internet, I think some days it would have been better had not figured it out at all.

These 11 people are trying, bless their hearts, and we thank them for making us laugh.

11. Some things you just can’t ask about.

It would ruin the magic.

10. Where does one even find that background?

I need to know. For reasons.

9. Just say they look nice.

You monster.

8. You could have called.

Come on, grandson.

7. They definitely need some kind of Jesus.

I hope this helped.

6. He definitely doesn’t deserve her.

Bless her heart.

5. It tells you everything you need to know about him, honestly.

So that’s a great use of social media I guess.

4. I bet the people at Walgreens have some stories.

I want to hear them.

3. When you feel like you’ve entered the Twilight Zone.

It’s probably because you’re talking to someone who saw the original Twilight Zone.

Found in a Facebook group from oldpeoplefacebook

2. You could believe either one.

That’s on you.

1. Don’t ask why she can’t do it herself.

It will take less time to just do it yourself.

Hug a Boomer today, y’all. They might be about to find themselves on a list like this one.

What’s the funniest text or post you’ve gotten from an older friend or relative? Tell us about it in the comments!