The 1980s Are “History” According to American Girl Courtney

Image Credit: American Girl Doll

If you’d like to feel particularly ancient today, how about this – the newest historical American girl doll, Molly, is from the 1980s.


I am history.

It’s not like most of us GenXers (and older Millennials) didn’t already know that our time had come and gone, but I mean…I didn’t really consider myself ready for the dusty shelves of the archives just yet, either.


Courtney has been released as American Girl’s first historical doll in the past 3 years, though, so apparently, I’m wrong.

She’s an old-school gamer – Pac-Man, mostly- and lives in the San Fernando Valley. It’s 1986 and her mother is running for mayor, but Courtney doesn’t want to follow in her footsteps – she wants to create her own, female-centered video game one day instead.


American Girl is partnering with Girls Who Code to match customer donations until the end of the year.

Here’s part of their press release on the new doll:


“Courtney’s story reflects the pop culture of the decade from the sky-high hair, neon-colored fashions, music television, and video gaming to major historical moments surrounding women in government and space exploration, we well as larger cultural shifts around blended families and emerging technology.”
Yeahhhhhh sound like anyone else’s childhood? Just mine?
Of course, it’s not just me, because plenty of people on Twitter have come out with indignant replies about just how historical Courtney can be – like this person, who is actually younger than the doll in question.

And this person pointing out that Courtney will be to 90s babies what Molly was to us 70s and 80s babies (she was from the 50s).


Others, though, are pumped that a girl gamer is getting some doll face time.

And sure, there’s no doubt her hair, accessories, and jean skirt bring on some pretty heady nostalgia vibes.

I mean, I guess we have no other choice than to get on board.
At least they got her right. That’s something.
Even if her name should probably be Heather, Stacy, or Jessica.
Just saying.