11 people who were burned hard by their ex on Facebook.

There are three reasons to stay friends with your jerk-face ex on Facebook: to see them get fat, to see them get dumped, and to shame them when they least expect it. Here are 11 exes who waited patiently for the right moment to serve up a scorching hot Facebook burn. So worth it.

1. Step one for having a mature divorce: not forgetting you’re Facebook friends with your ex.

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The reason they got divorced- he doesn’t use the right “too.”

2. Karma is a b*tch, and so is your ex.

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This sick burn was worth staying Facebook friends for.

3. When you’re better at growing a goatee than you are at relationships.

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“Listen, talk all the sh*t you want about me, but leave my precious goatee out of it.”

4. How to find out if your ex is still “burning” for you.

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She can’t say he never gave her anything.

5. Maybe if we promise criminals Facebook likes they’ll all confess this easily.

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You’re never anonymous​ to your ex.

6. Maybe he was drunk the entire time he was posting this meme?

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She has a point. He’s too lazy to even delete his ex off of Facebook.

7. Love is hard, punctuation is harder.

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Nothing can keep us apart, except commas.

8. The only thing worse than being friends with one ex on Facebook is being friends with two exes on Facebook.

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Looks like he’s not getting a second chance, or a “15 second” chance.

9. Silence can speak volumes about your relationship with your ex.

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10. Hackers need love too.

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Great, now she’s going to have to change her password to “password.”

11. If you are not friends with your ex on Facebook, then prepare to get a lot more creative with your burns.

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Revenge is a dish best served classy.

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