11 People Confess Their Silliest Misunderstandings on Twitter

Every adult person can remember at least a handful of times when they realized they had been utterly wrong about something that most others consider common knowledge. There’s no shame in it – no one knows everything, and making mistakes is, of course, how we learn.

That said, it can be super embarrassing. The shame didn’t stop these 11 people from replying this Twitter thread with some doozies, though!

11. It was then her dad realized they should have had a chat first.

Disappointing your kiddos sucks!

10. This thought has set many people up to be disappointed.

Some kids, some not.

9. Honestly I’m surprised they ever stopped.

That kind of thing can last a lifetime with the right sibling in charge.

8. Bless this little readers heart.

Because you only see the word you don’t know how to say it.

7. I mean. He wasn’t too far off.

This is pretty cute, though.

6. This is funny but also sweet.

And oh-so innocent.

5. Kid’s brains are just delicious, aren’t they?

I can never wait to hear what my 3yo is going to say next.

4. So boys don’t have things to wash their bodies?

That actually explains a lot.

3. I think that was the premise of Pleasantville actually.

That should be a horror movie, honestly.

2. People from Missouri have accents?

Maybe, because I know exactly what he’s saying.

1. I used to think this, too!

Though there have been plenty of divas pre-Madonna, she does it quite well.

I’m not sure I’d be willing to admit some of these!

Would you fess up to something like this? If so, our comments are open!