11 People Dish On Their Bedroom Dealbreakers

We all have limits and boundaries, and honestly, those are good things to have. They keep us happy and safe, and they also help us stick to the standards we know are important to us.

Bedroom antics are a big part of most adult relationships, so it makes sense that we would have hard lines drawn in the sand there, too.

If you’re curious how yours stack up, these 11 people are sharing theirs!

11. We all know what we like.

No need to waste anyone’s time.

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10. I agree this is pretty weird.

You could just ask them to take them off, though!

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9. That’s really none of your business.

Just move along until you find someone more compatible!

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8. There’s somebody out there for all of us.

This is just so true, apparently!

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7. We all have our limits.

You definitely need to be compatible in this area.

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6. Go ahead and head on over to the Urban Dictionary.

I’m not going to explain this one to you.

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5. Now you know.

I feel like it’s that way for a majority of folks!

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4. You don’t call a naked woman gross.

Just. Full stop.

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3. It’s a personal preference.

As a woman, I enjoy the break.

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2. We’re not here to have a conversation, sir.

That was for dinner and wine.

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1. Seriously, no complaints.

Just zip your lips and enjoy.

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I feel like most, if not all, of these are totally fair.

What are your bedroom boundaries? Let us know down in the comments!