11 People Dish On Why They Ghosted Their Friends

We like to think that friendship, unlike romantic relationships, is forever. The older you get the more you realize that’s not always the case – and that it’s ok sometimes if friendships run their course.

That said, most of us want to believe that a true friend would never just ghost us and never look back…but that’s exactly what these 11 people decided to do.

11. Some kind of sociopath.

Seriously no one needs that in his life.

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10. They could have given him a chance to go back to normal.

I suppose sometimes you just know, though.

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9. Sounds like no one is happy.

Peace-ing out might be in everyone’s best interest.

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8. That’s a good reason.

If you can’t take the hint you’ve gotta go.

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7. Sounds like she doesn’t care enough to figure it out.

So that’s kind of your answer.

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6. I have questions.

She’s probably not going to tell me either, though.

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5. I want to know why.

Yes, because I’m nosy.

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4. You can’t trust a liar.

It leaves you with a ton more questions I imagine.

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3. She’s not asking them to take her back.

Maybe she should let them make the call, though.

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2. I would think so.

Imagine how they probably feel!

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1. Friend breakups should be a thing.

Relationships have to end sometimes, and face-to-face is better.

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I don’t know, y’all. I feel like a conversation could still be in order.

Have you ever ghosted a friend? Tell us why in the comments!