Wife Thinks She’s Right To Put A Romantic Trip Over A Family One

It can be hard for some people to accept changes in plans. There’s no doubt that expecting a certain vacation, even planning for it, only to have those plans get upended, is frustrating.

That said, there are times when things like that cannot be avoided, and it’s nobody’s fault.

OP and her husband have been planning a trip to France that she’s super excited about, and though they have not booked anything yet, they have made a lot of decisions.

Me (f29) and my husband Rick (m35) have been married for a year. Rick’s niece Anna (f23) is terminal.

We’ve been planning to go to France early next year, and we’ve already decided on flights, hotel, etc. Nothing has been booked yet thought, because of what Rick wants, and this is causing issues between us.

Recently, his niece was diagnosed with a terminal illness, though, and so his family wants them to come along on a trip to Alaska, as she wants to see the Northern Lights before she dies.

My SIL (Anna’s mom) and her family are going to Fairbanks around that time because Anna wants to try and see the northern lights. SIL asked if we want to join them, and in Rick’s words we can go to France “another time”.

OP doesn’t want to cancel the France trip and told her husband that if he wants to go to Alaska instead he can go alone, and she’ll go to Paris by herself.

He’s “sulking” and she can’t see why.

I said no. I understand him, but we’ve pretty much planned out our France trip. Rick is insisting that he “needs” to go. I got a little upset and replied he can if he wants, but I won’t be joining him and I’ll go to France with my family instead.

He’s been sulking and mad at me. I think he’s the one being unreasonable here. AITA?

I’m pretty sure Reddit has some ideas.

The top comment says it all, really.

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Many figure this marriage isn’t going to last.

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People on Reddit were actually appalled.

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It takes a special kind of person to think about themselves when someone is dying.

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Oh, and he’s not sulking. He’s stunned into silence.

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This one really is a no-brainer and awful, even by Reddit standards.

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