11 People Remember When They Were Fired Over Text

I love texting as much as the next person. For most things, it’s way better than calling and a hundred times better than having to get out of your house and see someone in person (especially in the current environment).

That said, I think most of us know that there are instances in life where an in-person conversation is necessary, though – like a breakup, a firing, maybe a serious discussion with a friend – no matter how tough or awkward it might be.

These 11 people had to face the awkward reality of being fired over text, and it’s just as bad as you’d expect.

11. The dreaded “not a good fit.”

Could you please elaborate for the sake of my anxiety?

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10. You could just show up and see what happens.

Although that didn’t really work out for George Costanza.

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9. That’s a lot of feelings for a text message.

I can’t believe they all fit in there.

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8. The perils of hiring a high school student.

And a very respectful one at that.

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7. I think they got the message.

Why would he want strep-infected sandwiches?

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6. A little adversity never hurt anyone.

Sounds like he’s a jerk you don’t want to work for anyway.

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5. Betrayed by the iPhone.

There are no settings for that.

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4. I despise no fault firings.

Like, give me a reason so I can stop obsessing, please.

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3. I don’t know that I would go back.

Seems a little risky.

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2. There are surely better ways to let someone go.

This just feels so disrespectful.

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1. At least they know the truth.

The mass emailing is so cringe.

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I sincerely hope this never happens to me, because ew.

Have you had an awkward conversation over text? Tell us about it in the comments!