11 People Share Their Reasons For Choosing To Be Homeless

Thankfully, most of us will never know what it’s like to not have somewhere to sleep at night. Many people do, though, and sometimes they even make that choice for personal reasons of their own.

If you’re curious why someone might make that decision for themselves, look no further – these 11 people are letting us know exactly what they were thinking.

11. Funny how that works.

And how hard it can be to see during your teen years.

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10. There has to be a better way to provide moral support.

Couldn’t the sister have moved in with the boyfriend?

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9. Applause for fighting through it.

Not everyone would have the strength.

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8. Things don’t always work out the way we planned.

In fact, I would say they often do not.

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7. All actions have consequences.

Sometimes they’re significant.

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6. When one place is scarier than the other…

You choose the lesser of two evils.

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5. Sometimes there’s no way to win.

Which is one of the hardest things to accept in life.

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4. It’s horrible some kids have to make this choice.

It should honestly never happen.

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3. Good parents will do anything for their kids.

And they will always put their safety first.

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2. No time for regrets.

Just keep your eyes on the future.

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1. This is what he says he learned.

But no two people’s experience is probably the same.

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Questions and answers like this one are so fascinating, don’t you think?

If you’ve ever had this experience, share your own reasons with us in the comments!