Why You Should Always Close Your Bedroom Door When You Sleep

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Personally, I prefer to sleep with the bedroom door closed for not-getting-murdered reasons, even though I realize that, if someone wanted to murder me, they could easily open a door.

It does make my room warmer, which isn’t always a good thing.

According to experts, though, my instincts are right (even if the reason is silly), because there’s a very good reason for always making sure your bedroom door is closed before you call it a night.

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The experts in this case are the National Fire Protection Association, who reminds us that most people who perish in fires are done in by smoke inhalation, not actual burns. Fumes and smoke can fill up your home within minutes, causing oxygen loss, respiratory distress, and organ damage.

Of course, we should take precautions against this scenario with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and an escape plan, but it turns out that sleeping behind a closed door can also buy you precious minutes.

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The Today show’s Jeff Rossen demonstrated the difference between a closed and open door during a real fire on a show segment using a makeshift home on set.

A fire was started in the living room and left to burn for minutes, simulating how that simple barrier could make a difference. Basically, instead of the smoke pouring in through a large opening, it could only seep under and around the closed door.

The door can also act as a barrier to the fire’s heat, at least for a time.

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We all know that when it comes to a house fire, minutes count. Each one you can buy yourself – especially if the fire happens at night when people are asleep – could save your life.

So close those doors, people. It might not save you from a murderer, but it could save you nonetheless.