11 People Share What It’s Like To Be Stalked

None of us want to believe that we could find ourselves a target, or a victim, of a stalker. That’s something that happens in books, or movies, or in the murder podcasts we all love but also listen to hoping we can somehow use the information in them to save ourselves.

These 11 people found themselves living exactly that nightmare, though, and maybe they find it cathartic to get online and share what that experience was really like.

11. What if they were one and the same?

The writer in me wonders stuff like this all the time.

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10. I imagine that’s pretty tough to fight.

There must be ways to get help, though?

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9. How do you get away?

There should be some kind of class on YouTube.

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8. Crazy is one way word for it.

I can hardly follow this, to be honest.

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7. It must feel as if there’s nowhere to turn.

Rightfully so, I suppose. Sadly.

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6. I think those fears are super valid.

Talk to the police now and not later.

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5. I would be afraid things would escalate.

You know, because they almost always do.

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4. I think I would move.

Unless I could afford a really nice security system.

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3. The not knowing would get to me.

How do you just go about your days?

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2. How do you get away?

The internet is just so big and easy to navigate.

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1. Don’t back down now.

Show that loser who’s boss.

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I sincerely hope all of these people are ok, and also that none of this ever happens to me in real life.

Have you found yourself in this unfortunate situation? If you’re up for it, tell us what it was like for you in the comments.