11 People Talk about the Spookiest Video and Audio Clips Online

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We live in a dangerous world filled with tragedy around every corner. Sadly, it’s a fact of life. And sometimes, these incidents or phenomenons happen to be captured on video or audio.

An AskReddit thread recently asked people, “What are the spookiest audio or video clips on the Internet?”

Here are responses from AskReddit users.

Take warning: these videos are disturbing and might offend some people, so proceed with caution.

1. Kidnapping.

“A doorbell security camera picked up this footage of a suspected kidnapping in South LA in November. The video doesn’t really show anything, but the audio is horrifying.

There is a person screaming for help for the duration of the video before a car speeds away. I haven’t been able to find any newer information about this, and unless there’s an update I missed, the identity of the person screaming is still unknown.”

2. Jesus…no thanks.

“Listening to “last podcast of the left” they did a 911 call episode, there’s one where a guy calls and says his partner is stabbing her baby with scissors.

You can hear her in the background screaming DIE, DIE DIEEE! Can’t remember the episode bit it’s… yeah… a bad one.”

3. A terrible crash.

“One that personally struck me was the Queensday crash, on 29th op April 2009, in the Netherlands. On Queen’s/King’s day we celebrate the birthday of whoever sits on the throne and it’s just basically like a huge party in the Netherlands and the royals visit a new city every year.

So that year it was in Apeldoorn, and car slammed through the fences onto the square where a lot of people were gathered to see the royals, and people were just launched through the air and then filmed as they lay on the ground lifelessy. The panic and screams are also quite haunting.

It’s not necessarily as bad as the rest on here, but I watched this on live television when I was about 8. Stayed with me forever.”

4. Hacked in.

“The dude that hacked into a news broadcast in Chicago in 1987, Max Headroom.”


5. Wouldn’t want to hear this out in the woods.

“This terrifying mountain lion.

Listen to this.


6. The exorcism.

“I’m not even a very religious person but the audio from the exorcism of Anneliese Michel chills me to the bone, you can find it on youtube.”

7. This is really weird.

“Local 58 on YouTube.

They only have a few videos, but the Contingency one is terrifying.”


8. Something you never want to get.

“What rabies looks like.

I watched this a long time ago. A few months ago I was bitten badly by a stray cat (injured, tried to help) and I started having flashbacks of that video.

Then the cat died (at the vet’s) and I was terrified waiting for the results.

Thankfully, she did not have rabies. Unfortunately, they believe she was poisoned with anti-freeze.”


9. Noises from the jungle.

Operation Wandering Soul.

The US government was coming up with new ways of luring the Vietcong out of the jungles during the Vietnam War. They came up with this disturbing and creepy audio recording of what sounds like spirits of the undead calling out to the Viet Cong.

The US military would play this audio at night to try to bring out the Vietcong from their hiding spots and demoralize them. Just imagine being in the middle of a jungle late at night and hearing that on full blast, not knowing where its coming from or what it is.”

10. Incredibly spooky.

“3 years ago Liberty German (14) and Abigail Williams (13) were found murdered and to this day their case remains unsolved.

Police released a very short video and audio clip of who they believe the killer to be taken from one of their cell phones. Here is a mash up of the two, but note that they are two separate things. You can clearly hear the guy saying, “Guys, down the hill.” It’s an incredibly haunting video and audio clip, especially knowing that this killer is still out there.”


11. Plane crash.

“I’m so late on this and pissed because my entry will probably be seen by no one.

In 1957 two aircraft collided above a school in Pacoima California killing 8 people. During the crash the principal was giving an assembly which was recorded. You can hear the plane approaching the school in the recording.

Spooky part: it was the school of Richie Valens but he wasn’t in that day. The event made him terrified of flying and he was famously killed alongside Buddy Holly and Big Bopper in a crash two years later.

The recording is here”


Wow…some of those are really disturbing.

What do you think?

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