These People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

We all have one of those days now and again – the kind where nothing goes right, and you just have that sinking feeling that nothing is going to go right, either, until you wake up again the following morning.

Looking at posts like that about other people’s days, then, make us feel a bit better about the chaos in our own lives, I think – and if that’s true, these 10 people are about to make us all feel pretty darn good about how our days are going!

No one tell the chickens.

All that hard work down the drain.

Somebody didn’t strap the egg trolleys in properly on the truck. 10,500 eggs broken from Wellthatsucks

That’s gotta sting.

It also seems pretty expected, though, so there’s that.

Image Credit: Imgur

Oh, man, that’s awful.

From one allergy sufferer to another, I’m sorry.

Guess who’s severely allergic to hair dye? This girl! from Wellthatsucks

Been there, done that.

1/10 would not recommend.

Apparently he’s allergic to almost everything on the allergy skin test. Some of it was so swollen the doctor could barely tell which was which. from Wellthatsucks

I don’t think that’s supposed to look like that.

I mean, I’m not an expert.

Friend of mine posted this photo of the job site today from Wellthatsucks

At least she had a towel?

That doesn’t really make it better.

I see your puppy throwing up on ride home, and raise you our puppy having explosive diarrhea all over my wife from Wellthatsucks

That looks like somebody’s first attempt.

Not very professional!

Was looking forward to having some nice bread from a local bakery 🙁 from Wellthatsucks

Just go ahead and throw those out.

You’ll never untangle them.

Forgot my headphones on the ground while the roomba was running from Wellthatsucks

That honestly looks like something out of a horror movie.

Those are not going to fit.

I accidentally put my leather gloves in the washing machine from Wellthatsucks

Man, I’m feeling sorry for these folks! What a bummer! But I guess that’s what happens when life kind of sucks on any given day.

Has anything liked this every happened to you? Do you have pics or video? Can you recreate it in intricate detail? Huh? HUH?!?

Post that stuff in the comments, please! Thank you!