11 People Who Are Having a Far Worse Day Than You

Everybody has bad days. You spill your coffee in the car. You leave your phone in the gas station restroom. There’s not a single parking space in sight.

If this sounds like the kind of day you’re having, I’m sorry to hear that, but I’d like to offer you a bit of comfort: it could always be worse.

“That doesn’t make me feel better at all,” you might scoff. But I guarantee you, these 11 people are definitely having a far worse day than you.

1. Someone call HR:

It’s time to have a meeting about what constitutes appropriate patient-doctor conduct.

2. All the kids are doing it:

If this were me I wouldn’t get up from my desk all day.

I’ve been at work for four hours now… I just saw this. from funny

3. Talk about downsizing:

Tiny homes are the way of the future.

4. When your stars almost align:

What are the odds?

How to lose at life from funny

5. NO:

I can’t. I CAN’T!

6. Looks like the copier is on the fritz again:

I really need to know who did this and how.

Some teacher is having a bad day at school today from funny

7. They found a new queen:

I offer this car as tribute to the bee gods.

…On second thought, I think I’ll walk [FIXED]

8. That’s one way to make s’mores:

Maybe not the best way…

9. At least it looks kinda cool?

Do you really think you’re having a worse day than she is?

A porcupine fell from a tree and fell on her head… The apex of unluckiness. from pics

10. That sudden wave of dread:

Go, Diego, go!

11. This is fine.

Do we call another firetruck for this firetruck?

Well shit, now what? from funny

If your fire truck isn’t on fire, if your car isn’t covered in bees, and if a porcupine hasn’t fallen on your head, maybe you’re not having such a bad day after all.

Maybe today is just a “bleh” day. And a “bleh” day can always get better!

Do you have a crazy bad day story to share? We want to hear all about it in the comments!