11 People Who “Can’t Wait to Walk Down the Aisle”

One of my personal favorite things about internet memes is that literally no one knows when or where or how or who when it comes to who started them. They just sort of…happen. They’re born in the moment, out of happenstance, and maybe that’s what makes them so fun.

The “I can’t wait to walk down the aisle” meme came about when Twitter user @Chloejayne_xxx posted that caption on a picture of an airplane aisle, prompting her mother to text her and ask whether her boyfriend had proposed.


Yeah. Oops. Major mom disappointment.

But now that the tweet was out there, people began to pile on with all of the aisles they can’t wait to walk down again soon – and spoiler alert, none of them have a life partner waiting at the other end.

11. Thrift stores have to be taking it on the chin.

If there was ever a place full of other people’s germs…


10. I honestly never thought I would be dying to go back to the gym.

Which reminds me, I need to call and put my membership on hold.


9. So many kids missing the amusement park this summer.

And okay fine, adults too.

8. Oooh yes, super stoked for fall.

Even though the experts say it’s going to be apocalyptic.

7. And normally you just want him to shut up so you can watch your movie.

Where are you going to go first?

6. I can’t even be mad at the hipsters.

Let them enjoy their records while they can.


5. Solidarity, sister.

She’s got the right idea there.


4. Who would have thought we would miss airports/airplanes?

Travel yes, the mode? Never dreamed it!

3. This picture sort of makes me want to cry.

Who knows if these will even be there to go back to at this point.

2. Preferably when it’s safe.

How can it be happy if you can’t see people smile?


1. Yep, and just grab right on to those grimy handlebars!

You know you want to.

This is making me sooooo full of wanderlust and stir crazy, y’all!

What’s the one aisle you can’t wait to walk down? Mine is definitely the one at the movie theater!