17 Things Night Owls Always Miss

Most people are born loving mornings, loving nights, and over the course of our lives, we don’t really change all that much.

Sure, things like school, having children, getting a job with odd hours will force us to change our habits, but they can’t change our base inclinations toward rising early or staying up into the wee hours.

Those annoying, chirpy morning people who insist on rising with the sun and telling you how much they accomplished before you even rolled out of bed?

Here are 17 things they say night owls always miss out on.

17. They’re greeting the day.

Birdsong in the early morning is different somehow

16. So we’re missing vampires, basically.

the drunk people scrambling to escape the sun and get in bed before the guilt of daylight overcomes them

15. I am in this post and I don’t like it.

Me on the lawn in my bathrobe being angry at my labrador puppy for begging to go outside to pee but then not peeing.

So I’m just stuck there playing this game with him like “I swear if we go back in then you ain’t coming out for an hour!”

14. It’s the same every day, but also different.

I love watching the house change colour as I drink my tea.

The sun rises right through my living area and I love watching it go from black to grey to orange/pink/purple/whatever colour it is that day.

13. This is at such a premium these days.

The blissful feeling of solitude.

12. We could all use a few more minutes of quiet every day.

How still and quiet everything feels (even if there’s birds yammering) and as the world wakes up the feeling of rising business.

11. Always a good reason.

Light traffic

10. The smell of the damp summer morning. Mmmm.

Fresh dew on the grass – always evaporates by late morning

9. I do love watching these groups.

Old people at McDonald’s for breakfast. My granddad in Maryland had a group of retired coworkers that he’d go for a McMuffin with.

They called themselves the ROMEOs (Retired Old Men Eating Out). When their wives got together, they were the Juliets.

8. You feel alone in the world.

I used to drive over a hill to get to school everyday. It had the prettiest mountains in its view. I miss seeing the sun rising above them or the fog rolling through.

I used to wonder about the people who lived in the gigantic houses high up on them and wondered what they saw in that moment. Every time I go there now it’s in the afternoon and it’s still pretty, but there’s less intimacy.

7. If you don’t enjoy other people, it’s great.

This is more about work but I start my work day at 6am. I see the following advantages when I’m in the office:

My building probably holds 1,000 people and probably 200 on my floor. On my floor at 6am there are probably 5 people. I own the place. I can play my music without headphones, chill out, traffic is light, not be annoyed by people, great parking in the ramp, etc. Also, at 3pm I leave for the day and I can see the jealousy in co-workers eyes. On the way home, traffic is again light. Although now with Covid 19, my whole day in the office is similar to what I describe above.

I’m also am able to fix system issues before they become customer impacting.

6. And then there’s this guy.

Woke up excessively early this morning. Could someone on here tell me what I’m supposed to be doing this early!!

5. Best in the fall, if you ask me.

Chirping birds and the smell of the morning air while I drink my coffee.

4. So maybe it’s not quiet everywhere.

The sound of magpies drastically cut by the sound of a tradie loading up his trailer in the loudest manner possible

3. The food that runs out early.

In our country, if you do not wake up early, you miss buying a warm cup of “taho” (soft tofu served with sugar syrup and tapioca pearls) and warm “pandesal” (sweet-and-a-bit-salty bread usually eaten with eggs, cheese, butter, etc.).

Both are usually being sold by vendors on foot or riding a bicycle.

2. I do not miss always rushing around and worrying about being late.

Their 7:15 train to work

1. You feel good about yourself.

There is a very nice sense of accomplishment combined with the feeling of “still having the whole day” when you wake up early on say a Saturday and get some shit done you’ve been meaning (e.g. yard work).

To just sit down and relax at like 2pm knowing you’ve already gotten done all that you needed to today and you still have ~10hrs left to do whatever you want is just great.

I’m a natural night owl, but since having kids, I’ve been an earlier riser. As much as I hate to admit it, I do actually get much more done before noon than after.

Are you a morning person? Do you agree with this list? Would you add anything else? Try to convince the night owls to change their ways in the comments!