I think we all want to believe that a new year can be a new, fresh start in our lives, in one way or another. We begin new habits, we pick up old hobbies, and we have hope that the coming year will be better than the last, at least in a few ways.

These 11 people had their hopes dashed almost before the ball finished dropping, and I promise that no matter how poorly your January is going, you wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

11. At least he’s honest.

I have to wonder how many replies he got.

10. I know fireworks are supposed to be fun.

But I promise not everyone loves them.

9. I hope they’re not superstitious.

I feel like the are, though.

8. It’s definitely chilled.

But you’re going to have to toast with something else.

7. Not the sausages!

It’s a sad state of affairs.

6. Try not to put too much stock in it.

I mean, things have to get better from here!

5. They just can’t catch a break.

I feel like a lot of people could tell this story this year.

4. Mother Nature wouldn’t cooperate.

You know she’s famously fickle, though.

3. This might be one of the most immature things I’ve ever read.

And trust me, that’s saying something.

2. The kids are going to be disappointed.

I guess that’s just a life lesson for them.

1. Eh, they know what we mean.

Maybe it’s backwards for a camera. Ha!

I mean, it would be hard to feel as if these weren’t some kind of bad omen, don’t you think?

Have you ever had a terrible New Year’s? Let us know down in the comments what happened and whether or not the rest of the year followed suit!