Whenever Jimmy Fallon pops up with one of his infamous hashtag challenges, people get pumped to respond (and maybe make it on the air). I get pumped, too, because his prompts usually result in some pretty hilarious stories for the rest of us, too.

The #WorstGiftEver hashtag is no different, so please enjoy 13 of the best responses about what holiday gifts people just could not believe.

13. That is not romantic.

Practical and necessary, but not romantic.

12. He wanted her to clear the parking lot.

Of their office building. No.

Image Credit: Someecards

11. Wrong holiday.

But also, what is he supposed to do with that?

10. That is not a gift, Sir.

That’s something you order from Amazon on a Tuesday.

9. Why are men?

Like, this is the opposite of making an effort.

8. It’s the last part that really does it for me.

Like, she’s too old for a coloring book, but a USED one?

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7. That looks like a pretty nice pan.

He must not have been old enough to appreciate it.

6. I would not have survived that.

I would have died from trying to hold in the laughter.

5. I hope she kept it.

Or ransomed it for something better.

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4. They thought they deserved a throne.

But in the end, they got it back.

Image Credit: Someecards

3. I can see why he’s an ex.

It’s almost too much that he tried to make it look like more.

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2. That is a terrible gift.

What was Santa thinking?!

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1. I feel like your mom should know you better.

Also you cannot make movie popcorn at home.

Image Credit: Someecards

Y’all, I have no idea what people were thinking with these gifts. Ugh!

Have you ever gotten a terrible gift? Chime in with your story in the comments!