Gift-giving opportunities, whether birthdays or holidays or special occasions, can be filled with anxiety if you’re someone who doesn’t often receive (or give) the right types of gift.

That said, most of us do actually try our best, even if it doesn’t always work out as we’d hoped.

I refuse to believe that these 12 people tried at all, because you cannot actually consider a person and still fail this badly at buying them something nice.

12. She was somewhere in the middle.

A fail on both ends, then.

11. That would just about break my heart.

I really hope the apologized profusely.

10. From her mom no less!

I really feel like your mom should know you better than that.

Image Credit: Someecards

9. I mean it’s just one letter.

Are you gonna make a big deal about that?

8. So she was…mad about the namesake?

Or maybe she just thought that was a nice amount of money.

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7. People think they’re so funny.

Trust me, your single relatives have heard all of the jokes.

6. Well that’s disgusting.

A used foot bath. Wow.

5. She was trying to encourage you to develop a style.

Not the style of a 4th grader, but a style.

4. There’s always one joker in the bunch.

He had me going for a minute.

3. OK but pajamas are a great gift.

Lately we haven’t had any reason to wear anything else.

2. They knew exactly what they were doing.

The question is, why do they hate you?

1. It’s a real downer.

Everyone should get their own birthday!

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See what I mean? Shameful. Do better, folks.

What’s the worst gift you ever received? Tell us about it down in the comments!