11 People With Hilarious Responses to Finding Out There’s Water on the Moon

Image Credit: Twitter

You never know how people are going to react when scientists come out with a new discovery.

We could be thrilled, we could basically not care, or we could fully make fun of the scientific community for geeking out over something that seems pretty mundane.

When it came to NASA’s announcement that they’d found water on the moon, well…the replies really ran the gamut.

Let’s take a look!

11. They’ve gotta get there before Hershey.

There’s some joke here about Mars but I can’t quite find it.

10. This is the best the Washington Post could do?

Surely not.

9. They’ve got their priorities straight.

At least they’ll leave the underage workers on earth alone for awhile.

8. You knew someone was going there.

This song is here to stay.

7. Man I miss this show.

We could all jump on board with their nerdiness.

6. Maybe we’re working up to the exciting stuff.

The truth is out there.

5. Gonna need more supplies.

Maybe some wellies.

4. I wonder if it’s trying to tell us something.

Maybe it needs a towel.

3. Disneyland has jokes.

I’m here for it.

2. I’d say this is definitely a perk.

What more could you want?

1. There are sharks in tornados.

Who knows where they’ll turn up next.

Well, one thing these had in common is that they’re funny! Out of this world funny? Perhaps. But funny nonetheless.

What did you think about the news? What do you think about these tweets? How is your day going.

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