11 Pictures That Will Make You Go…Wait, What?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I don’t know – sometimes you can stare and stare at something and it just still doesn’t make sense. Words are actually still necessary, as it turns out.

Especially when it comes to these 11 pictures which just left me asking myself what on earth actually happened here?

11. They’re just getting out ahead of it.

Or those are all sold out. Probably that.

Environmental storytelling
by infunny

10. Something definitely went down here.

I hope they realized it wasn’t ranch before they…at it?

Mistakes were made
byu/ra1phw1ggums infunny

9. This is not their first rodeo.

You’re going to have to trust them on this.

byu/ForestFletcher inSignsWithAStory

8. I bet they smell better than hand sanitizer.

Seems like it would be sticky, though.

There’s a story behind every sign like this
byu/rjray infunny

7. I want to be surprised, but you know.

People cannot surprise me anymore.

Changing room in a health imaging center
byu/BayYawnSay inSignsWithAStory

6. They made mistakes so you don’t have to.

You should probably definitely heed the warning.

Mistakes were made…
byu/larzardmeem infunny

5. Not just the horse.

You have to be in the picture too, fam.

Environmental Storytelling
byu/UndeadPyromaniac infacepalm

4. Ohhhh nooooo.

It’s not the whole story, but you get the gist.

Some pictures tell the story for itself.
byu/BadiiiiDea infunny

3. I think it’s actually a one-word story.


A short story.
byu/limehelmet infunny

2. He’s not to be trusted.

He knows it, too, just look at his face.

A picture speaks a thousand words for this poor doggo
byu/QueenStubborn infunny

1. That’s oddly specific.

And sounds like it was a really rough day.

There’s a story here.
byu/Admiral__Unicorn insuspiciouslyspecific

Were you as confused as I was or did these actually make sense to you?

If you’re some kind of detective and figured it out with no explanation, tell us your secrets in the comments!