Was It Necessary for This Guy to Tell His Girlfriend Her “Smart” Friend Is Anything But?

Relationships are tough, and while you’re navigating new ones, looking for solid footing in every new scenario, they can seem as if they could take a turn at any moment.

This couple had been together for 8 months when they’d begun to introduce each other to the important people in their lives – his best friend, her best friend, and then her “smartest” friend, who she truly believed knew something about everything.

The night finally arrived.

My girlfriend is 23 and I’m 25. I’ve been dating her for about eight months now, and we’ve hit the point in our relationship where we’re starting to introduce each other to our friends. She met my best friend since high school and I met one of hers.

My girlfriend has this one friend who she talks about as the smartest person she knows. She can’t even mention her name without saying how much she apparently knows about everything. Naturally I was quite excited to meet her, and last night we met up for drinks.

OP was…less than impressed.

This turned to absolute disdain when the friend tried to debate him on his own field.

To be honest I was utterly unimpressed. Her friend was very opinionated and willing to correct both of us/disagree with us on any point, but to be completely frank she was kind of a moron. The peak in our conversation was when she tried to debate me on a subject I have a master’s degree in, and when she ran out of answers she went to the bathroom to Google more.

He tried taking the high road when she wouldn’t quit, but was pretty much soured by the end of the night.

He came back citing a person who is considered a total joke in the field (and has no formal education in it) as some sort of credible source, and when I told her that, she said he was actually widely respected (he is not).

I tried to be civil and said we can agree to disagree, and she told me that both she and my girlfriend agree that I’m wrong.

My girlfriend then took her side.

For the rest of the night I half listened as she rambled on about the most profoundly moronic things I’ve ever heard.

My girlfriend fawned over her like she was listening to a TED Talk live.

OP claims he tried to remain silent on the way home, but when his girlfriend pressed for his thoughts, he gave them honestly.

On the drive home my girlfriend was doing her normal ranting and raving about how smart her friend was, which I just answered with silence.

Then she asked what I thought, and I told her honestly.

Her friend is a stupid person who thinks she’s smart, and it’s very concerning that she trusts her word so much.

He’s wondering now if it was a bit too honest, and if it would have been better to just not say anything at all.

She got furious at me and completely shut down.

Now she’s being very short with everything I say. I

wonder if I was out of line for answering her question honestly or if I should have just nodded along.

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The top comment suggests that he shouldn’t have to lie about reality.

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Some hot takes were pretty rough on the girlfriend.

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You never know. She might still come around.

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It would be different if she hadn’t asked, right?

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There might be more than one red flag here, honestly.

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I’m not sure OP needed to go as far as they did, but they weren’t wrong to answer a question.

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