Some things about love and being in a relationship are just universal. Especially if you live with your significant other.

Artist Amanda Oleander is based in Los Angeles, and her illustrations bring viewers behind closed doors to show what relationships are really like when no one else is around.

Scroll through these photos and let us know if these scenarios look familiar.

1. Dinner and Netflix on the couch

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It’s national cheeseburger day.

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2. Taking it easy

3. Chilling by the pool

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Drawing 46/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge challenge. This is inspired by this past weekend laying by the pool with @joeyrudman he was looking at me without saying anything for a bit and then said “I love looking at you.” And I immediately said “I’m drawing this.” We tried to get a photo of us this weekend but they were all posed of course since we don’t have a personal photographer photographing us candidly so here’s an illustration of what really happened. (Posting photos from this past weekend on my ig story) I cannot wait for more summer pool days coming up. ————————————————— Title: I Love Looking At You ————————————————— Título: Eu adoro olhar para você ————————————————— Título: Me encanta mirarte ————————————————— Titre: J'aime te regarder ————————————————— Teideal: Is breá liom Ag amharc ort ————————————————— Titel: Ich liebe es, dich anzuschauen ————————————————— כותר: אני אוהב להסתכל עליך ————————————————— タイトル:あなたを見ているのが大好き ————————————————— Название: Я люблю смотреть на тебя ————————————————— Eser: Sana Bakmayı Seviyorum ————————————————— العنوان: أنا أحب النظر إليك ————————————————— عنوان: من دوست دارم به تو نگاه کنم ————————————————— Mi piace guardarti ————————————————— P.S doing giveaway contest in my IG story.

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4. I can help you with that

5. Making meals together

6. Spring cleaning

7. Reading in bed

8. Wearing retainers

9. Couch potatoes

10. Hanging in the kitchen

11. Binge watching

12. Don’t fall asleep yet

13. Dining in

14. In the bathroom

15. Happy tears

Pretty true to life, AmIRite?