Cat Ladders Are All over Switzerland and They Are Incredible

©Wikimedia Commons

We all know cats just looooooove to climb all over everything they can. I’m talking about furniture, counters, tables, your head, etc. So it makes sense that people would eventually start building them amazingly engineered ladders on the sides of buildings so they could frolic as high as they want, right?

Cat ladders are very popular in Switzerland, especially in the city of Bern, and they allow cats to come and go (and climb) as they please from where they live.

The cat ladders come in all shapes and sizes, and they are all pretty impressive. Get a load of these ingenious ladder designs for the Swiss kitties.

1. On her perch

2. That’s a big one

3. A smaller one

4. Action shot

5. All the way up

6. Makeshift

7. Circular staircase

8. That’s a cool one

9. Right by the front door

10. Planks

11. Couple of different ones

12. Colorful

13. Here she comes

14. Epic

15. Above the snow

A photographer named Brigitte Schuster has a whole book of Switzerland’s cat ladders. Take a look at her website to check it out!