11 Pixar “Easter Eggs” You May Have Missed

It’s no secret by now that if you watch a Pixar movie more than once, you’ll start to see some pretty cool details that you missed the first time around. Like Disney, Pixar doesn’t miss a trick, and their fans love uncovering every last “easter egg” the company hides.

No matter how big of a fan you are, though, you’re bound to miss a few – so check out these 11 details and see if we’ve found any you missed!

11. This is super cool.

From a story and a technical standpoint.

10. Monsters like to rub statues for good luck, too.

See, they’re really just like us!

9. I would expect nothing less of Elastigirl.

She’s a Queen for the ages, y’all.

8. Just like Tinkerbell.

I love it.

7. Just to make it extra creepy.

You’ve gotta love that.

6. A little teaching moment for the kids.

And for some of the rest of us, too, if we’re being honest.

5. Bronco drives a Bronco.

I would expect nothing less.

4. Now I never would have realized this one.

How about you?

3. At the time, anyway.

I really love this.

2. This doesn’t surprise me.

No way that guy could memorize everything.

1. The real night sky.

It has captivated humans since forever.

I could never be this detailed, so I guess a career at Pixar is out.

What about you? What’s your favorite Pixar “easter egg?” Tell us about it in the comments!