13 Times Pixar Movies Went Above And Beyond

Anyone who loves Disney and Pixar movies knows that when it comes to details, these animators and filmmakers leave no stone unturned. They think of everything, it seems, and the result is an experience that usually hits every single mark.

Even if you know all of that, though, there’s a good chance these 13 details might blow your mind.

13. Take a close look at Mirage’s business card.

Image Credit: Pixar

The Incredibles character’s phone number spells out “SUPRHRO” if you use a keypad.

Like anyone does that anymore.

12. The shapes match the characters.

Image Credit: Pixar

Ellie and Carl’s characters are round and square in design.

All of the items on their sides of the bed match their respective shapes.

11. Like a constellation.

Image Credit: Pixar

During the opening credits of Toy Story 2, take a quick look at the sky behind them.

You just might be able to pick out the famous Pixar lamp.

10. Lightning charges Wall-E.

Image Credit: Pixar

Wall-E is scooting around with only one remaining battery bar, and then lightning strikes him.

Then, we see that his battery is fully charged.

9. Just a little foreshadowing.

Image Credit: Pixar

In Ratatouille, Anton Ego’s office is pretty spooky, if you look closely enough.

It sort of resembles a coffin, and his typewriter a skull.

8. The twins from The Shining sometimes just pop up.

Image Credit: Pixar

There’s a painting of the twins in Coco.

In a more passive reference, the carpet in Sid’s house in Toy Story looks just a bit too similar to the hotel carpet from the horror flick.

7. A little ribbing.

Image Credit: Pixar

One of Lightning McQueen’s rivals in Cars is painted with the Apple logo and the number 84, both of which have meaning.

In 1984, Steve Jobs was Pixar’s CEO, and it was also the year Apple released their first personal computer.

6. The writers of Toy Story are fans of Alien.

Image Credit: Pixar

If you look closely, you can see another random movie reference in Toy Story.

There’s a quick, visual reference to the chestburster scene from Alien  – and once you see it, you can’t miss it.

5. And also Jurassic Park.

Image Credit: Pixar

In Toy Story 2, you see an homage to a favorite of 90s kids everywhere – Jurassic Park.

When Rex appears in the reflection of a car mirror, the shot is almost identical to one that features the big T-Rex from the original dinosaur movie.

4. They’re really sticking it to Apple.

Image Credit: Pixar

In Monsters, Inc, Mike picks up a magazine with an ad that features the slogan “Scare Differently.”

If it reminds you of something, it’s Apple’s popular and recognizable “Think Differently” slogan.

3. Sully deserves to be comfortable. He’s a star!

Image Credit: Pixar

Sully is the star of the show, and the top scarer, so it makes sense he would get special treatment.

Which he does, because if you look closely, you can see that his chair has a hole in it for his tail.

2. Also, there are cups for everyone.

Image Credit: Pixar

There are all size of monsters with, apparently, all sorts of caffeine needs.

Which is why the factory features different size cups – one for everyone!

1. A Home Improvement connection.

Image Credit: Pixar

Tim Allen voices Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movies, and he made his name on the television series Home Improvement back in the 90s.

One of the tool boxes in Toy Story features the word “Binford” on the side. Binford Tools was the fictional company from Allen’s previous show.

I’m stunned, and I’m a creator myself!

They do such a good job – if you have a favorite detail like this that we haven’t covered here, share it with us in the comments!