Is Splitting The Check Always The Most Fair Way To Go?

Since the beginning of time – or at least, way back when people started to dine out with friends – people have been “going dutch” or splitting the check, where everyone pays their fair share for their meal and drinks.

But is their “fair share” really always fair?

People on the internet have been going back and forth for awhile now, wondering how things might be split “fairly” if not “evenly” when one party makes a whole lot more money than the other?

It sort of began with this post, which asserted that partnerships and relationships should be equitable, not equal.

They say that it should extend to meals and drinks (or even shared living expenses) with friends and family, as well.

Many, many people agreed.

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Others were surprised this was even a conversation that needed to be had in the first place.

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And some pointed out how this could be harmful in some unbalanced relationships (but people should do their best to get out of those anyway).

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The bottom line is this: talk to your partner about money, and do it early on. Come to an agreement you both think is fair and equitable.

If you can’t, you’d best go ahead and consider that a big ol’ red flag.

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