11 Relatable Memes to Help Brace Yourself for the Day Ahead

These days, one measly work week can seem like an entire fortnight of drudging along. If you’re like the millions of folks who are essentially glued to the screen until further notice, you’re not alone.

Should you be coming up on your first brick wall against productivity today, then have no fear. There are plenty of memes here.

Check out these 11 painfully relatable memes to help you power through the day ahead.

1. Speak the truth

This is the fight for early retirement rights.

Image Credit: someecards

2. The struggle

Girl, let them all out. Let your negativity be free.

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3. Every morning, without fail

This face helps us concentrate, okay?

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4. This is the worst

Moments like these just make you want to immediately launch into space.

Image Credit: someecards

5. We’ve all been here

For those of us who live for the drama, this is the reason why we get up in the morning. For those of us who don’t, get with the program.

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6. That’s a downright shame

Almost as much…?

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7. Accurate

Let’s just say that we have a way of remember the things that really matter to us.

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8. This

It makes absolutely no sense to me why Joe Gardner in Soul was not absolutely thrilled to be inside Mr. Mittens.

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9. Shattered expectations

We all try to be way cooler than we actually are, but very few of us can resist the appeal of flash sale.

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10. The overall mood nowadays

Since 2021 is shaping up to be a pretty crummy year as well, here’s a box of tissues for all your troubles.

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11. The ultimate cure

Maybe this will actually be effective if I just keep saying it to myself over and over every morning. That’s totally how anxiety works, right?

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Well, that was a much needed pick-me-up. I hope that meme dump was as enjoyable for you as it was for me. I don’t even want to think of what the world looked like before memes.

What are some of your favorite memes to power you through the day? Share them with us in the comments!