11 Roommates Who Are Too Entitled For Words

There are way too many people in this world these days, but living with them 24/7 is a whole different challenge. It can seem as if their annoying habits are unrelenting, I’m sure, when there’s doesn’t seem to be a way to escape.

These 11 people are definitely going through it, because they’re living with roommates who are so entitled they don’t even know how to handle it anymore.

11. They really think this seems like a good deal, huh?

I guess it depends on how much the rent is and how dirty they are.

Must clean our kitchen, bathroom and home, take care of the kids, pay rent AND have a FT job from ChoosingBeggars

10. Does she get more for her money?

Because if not…

9. Well that got ugly fast.

I love her last response.

My son failed to inform me that his ex-roommate was a Netflix freeloader. from ChoosingBeggars

8. I’m guessing he got very few applicants.

Like basically none.

Looking for a roommate: I’m quite easy-going. from ChoosingBeggars

7. Is the cat eating caviar?

Who does this guy think he’s kidding?

My old roommate wanted money to buy cat food, but not actual cat food from ChoosingBeggars

6. I can’t believe she has to ask this question.

Like how can you seriously not know the answer?

This girl took her roommate’s Mercedes on an 86+ hour roadtrip from ChoosingBeggars

5. Get in and out please.

We’re not friends anymore, thanks.

My ex-roommate, after 2 months of leaving piles of stuff at my place, finally returns to pick it up from ChoosingBeggars

4. The definition of choosing beggar.

If someone is buying you stuff, just say thank you.

My roommate spent her paycheck too fast again, so I offered to get us liquor. It devolved into this from ChoosingBeggars

3. That’s a lot of restrictions and demands.

For someone looking to pay very little.

Looking for a room to rent/a house to own from ChoosingBeggars

2. It’s hard to believe this is real.

How can anyone really think like this?

This 34 year old OP who doesn’t have a car, refuses to take the bus, and thinks he can take his roommate’s car whenever he wants because she was nice enough to let him borrow it SOMETIMES. I hate people like this. from ChoosingBeggars

1. Y’all this cannot be real.

And how has he made these arrangements before?!

Ladies! You too can live rent-free for the low cost of being an on-call escort and personal chef to an obese edgelord living with his parents… from ChoosingBeggars

I would definitely be searching for a way to move on, how about you?

Have you ever lived with someone who was totally entitled? Tell us how terrible it was in the comments!