10 People Who Couldn’t Believe They Were Fired Over Text Message

There are plenty of things that are fine to address over a text message – even some professional discussions – but when it comes to any serious feedback and/or changes to status should always be done verbally (if not in person).

These 10 bosses don’t feel the same way, clearly, because they had no qualms about letting these employees go over text (and half the time with no explanation, to boot).

10. Sounds like it’s time to move on.

No one needs that drama in their life.

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9. I hate when they won’t tell you why.

It’s so hard on people with anxiety.

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8. A mass form letter.

Just soooo responsible.

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7. At least someone is confident.

It’s not going to be the fired employee for some time.

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6. Some days are just like that.

And apparently some bosses are, too.

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5. To “announce?”

I guess they should count themselves lucky that this wasn’t a mass message.

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4. Short and sweet.

But not at all to the point.

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3. That’s pretty confusing.

It’s probably best to just not deal with it at all.

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2. There could be something better right around the corner.

Sometimes it’s the best thing that ever happened to you.

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1. This is called hiring a high school kid.

They’re going to have other commitments.

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I just strongly do not agree with this, but that could be the Xennial in me.

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