12 Funny, Random Text Messages We Found That Made Us Laugh

Everyone makes a mistake texting now and then – a misspelling, something copied to the wrong person, an embarrassing link – but there’s a difference between that and, you know, totally going out on a limb and then crashing and burning.

And these 15 texts? I think we’re all going to be glad we’re laughing from the outside and not on the sending – or receiving – end.

15. This took a very weird turn.

And things were going reasonably well before then.

14. Oh man this is awkward.

It was almost a cute line, too.

13. Someone had a great night.

I hope there’s not video. Or maybe I do.

12. I mean. It’s hard to argue.

But also…you’re young? I hope?

11. I mean, if it’s true…

I want to know if this is a girl or a guy.

10. It’s the least of its sins, honestly.

But still a pretty bad one, as things go.

9. It’s the dream life in a lot of ways.

Until you have kids. They don’t even like sandwiches.

8. Honestly I kind of want to see it, too.

Sometimes great things come from boredom.

7. I think we all know the answer to that.

Just think about it a bit, hmm?

6. Get it, girl.

Also do this before you have kids because you know.

5. This is hilarious and awful.

That’s what makes great humor, of course – in the right amounts.

4. I mean. It’s also way more dick pics than anyone needs.

Dating is broken.

3. I want to be this woman’s friend.

Imagine being this prepared.

2. All very good advice.

If only we could really talk to our younger selves.

1. I feel this in my soul.

This is one thing we should keep in our brave new world.

Secondhand embarrassment is real, y’all, and so is the cringe!

Have you ever sent or received a text that could be on this list? Share it with us in the comments!