No Protest Is Too Small and These 15 Photos Prove That

Photo Credit: Twitter

We’ve seen thousands of people take to the streets in the past weeks, protesting against racial injustice within law enforcement and other inequalities. What we see in the news are mainly marches, many peaceful, some not so much, in our major cities involving big crowds. There’s power in numbers, right?

Not always.

In rural areas, in less-populated, less-diverse towns, a single sign or act of defiance can be just as loud. We have 15 photos that prove it.

1. One man in Jackson, Wis.

Takes courage.


2. One Latino man in Orlando.

Standing in solidarity.


3. One girl in Charlotte.

She doesn’t need a crowd.

4. Northbrook, Ill.

All it takes is a posterboard and a sense of justice.

5. Woman in Alexandria, La.

Taking a lone stand for what’s right.

A lone protester in the heart of a small southern city. Thank you.
byu/Fallendeity1 inpics

6. Woman in Minnesota.

Go mama!


7. Man in Chapel Hill, NC.

He refuses to wait for change to happen.

8. Kid in Chicago.

Please take all my money.

9. Man in Ocean Shores, Wash.

Standing alone in the highest visibility place he could find.

Ocean Shores, Washington, in the middle of the small town traffic circle. No voice is too small.
byu/MegabitMegs inpics

10. Woman in Antioch, Calif.

Sweating for justice.


11. Woman in Grants Pass, Ore.

Changing the world is always uncomfortable.

12. Woman in Virginia Beach, Va.

By herself wearing a mask, God bless her.

13. Women in Fla.

OG protesters.


14. Man in Beatrice, Neb.

Small towns support Black Lives Matter.


15. Man in Spokane, Wash.

A single voice, a powerful message.


When these people couldn’t find a protest to join, they made their own, and that’s how change comes about.

It may be uncomfortable and lonely, but we shouldn’t let that make us silent.

Every voice counts!