11 Small Accidents That Made Someone’s Day

Image Credit: Reddit

You truly never know when something you do or say – without thinking about it or even by accident- is going to be the thing that completely turns around someone else’s day. That’s the beauty of life (and the tragedy, of course, since it also works in reverse), and the reason we say to remember when you meet people that there’s no way to know what’s going on in their lives.

These pictures and posts are proof that, for these 11 people at least, a small, happy accident can make one’s day.

11. This is how humans feel when we see a baby and want to eat it.

But I don’t think that one puppy is very amused!

No! He’s sucking the color out of the other one, somebody do something!

10. I mean how can this not delight you?

It’s making me smile right this minute!

Your day just got better. from pics

9. I need to know what is happening here.

I mean, I don’t understand it but I’m not mad.

Does anyone know what kind of birds these are? from pics

8. Why do I feel like this guitar is definitely haunted?

I mean, it’s still free and most ghosts are nice, though.

Found this free guitar outside a bowling alley in Nashville today. from mildlyinteresting

7. Somebody had a good day on the boat!

Not the tuna, but somebody.

Bluefin Tuna. I know it’s not gargantuan, but it’s still a big fish. from HumanForScale

6. When it’s meant to be it’s meant to be!

Her face in that second image is priceless.

My boyfriend told me "Under no circumstances are you allowed to catch the bouquet". Apparently God had other plans. from funny

5. Have you ever seen so much joy in one picture?

Spoiler alert: no, you have not.

My wife, mom, and daughter shortly after my daughter took her first steps ever. from happy

4. So many babies!! Ahhh!

Also where can I get a third parent?

My mum sent me this photo today on her way to the grocery store! from aww

3. Nothing beats puppy love.

I mean that literally. You can’t change my mind.

Excuse my face, he was licking me. I JUST GOT A NEW PUPPY REDDIT. I’m in love. from happy

2. That’s his banana now.

Look at that face you don’t want to fight for it.

I’ve got all day from aww

1. Did they get a brother or a baby sister? I need to know!

Why isn’t there a followup picture, here?!

My aunt and my mom being told that my grandma was pregnant (1955) from OldSchoolCool

I’m smiling just looking through these, so now they’ve made a third person’s day, too!

What’s your best memory of a happy accident putting you in a better mood? Tell us about it in the comments!