TikTok Video Explains All the Unwritten Rules Black Men Must Follow to Stay Alive

It’s an unfortunate and, frankly, embarrassing truth that the United States still treats people of color differently than white people. Very, very differently.

This is especially true for black Americans, who must live every day of their lives in fear of being killed by police. Racism is a problem they face every day, multiple times a day, while performing mundane tasks like shopping or driving a car.

This moving video from 18-year-old Houston resident Cameron Welch highlights the daily struggles of black Americans, especially black men. In a series of statements, Welch matter-of-factly explains all the things his mom has told him never to do as a young black man.


As you might imagine, Welch’s video went viral. His mom’s advice clearly touched a nerve with people, which is a good thing.

Welch said he wanted to share what it’s like to be a young black man, as well as the parent of a black son.

“I want people to understand the type of things my mom has to instill in me because my people continue to be judged by the color of our skin and not the content of our character, as Martin Luther King Jr. said. It is a required conversation our parents must have to ensure that we come home alive,” he said.

Viral video aside, Welch is just an average teenager who likes to take selfies:


And jam out to music:


And jump on board with other TikTok trends:


Welch’s video can serve as a reminder that we’re not all experiencing the same life here in the U.S. No matter your politics, there’s something to be gleaned from a video like this.

What advice did your parents give you that has stuck with you today?

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