11 Students Get Real About The Super Stressors At School

The world has changed quite a bit in the past quarter century, and while school was never exactly a walk in the park or something most people could coast through, I don’t recall it consuming my life the way it does with young people today.

If you don’t have kids or yours are still little, here are 11 students dishing on how much pressure they feel during a “normal” day.

11. Everyone needs coping mechanisms.

Hopefully yours don’t get you arrested, though.

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10. We need more people like this.

And fewer bullies, please.

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9. Grades don’t make someone a good person.

Or a bad one, either.

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8. Tell me more about this hobby.

Because I am intrigued.

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7. Everyone has emotions.

They belong out and not in.

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6. You hate to hear this.

Too much of it going around, too.

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5. I hope they have someone to talk to.

Everyone needs a listening ear and a strong shoulder.

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4. It doesn’t have to be this way.

I mean, it’s not supposed to be this way, right?

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3. They might not be connected.

But it definitely seems like they are.

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2. It doesn’t seem healthy.

I hope there is a way for kids to figure it out.

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1. Time for a break.

Full-time school isn’t for everyone.

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Yikes. Sometimes it’s nice to be old and have this all behind me.

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