11 Terrible Realities of Celebrating Your Birthday

If you’re an introvert like I am, then birthdays are your personal nightmare.

When you prefer peace and quiet, there’s nothing more anxiety-inducing than a bunch of people loudly coming together and making you the center of attention. Soon, that “Happy Birthday” refrain starts to go on for what seems like an eternity – and before you know it, everyone is staring at you.

Talk about an onslaught of cringe-worthy moments. For all my fellow hermits out there, here are 11 terrible realities of celebrating birthdays when you’d rather just forget about the whole thing.

1. Over-enthusiastic coworkers

I’m sure these acquaintances meant well – but this just isn’t the right move.


2. Unfulfilled wishes

There are some things you ask for that can never be given.

3. The self-esteem conflict

Too much attention can definitely be a bad thing.

4. Constant reminders

Which totally drive you up the wall, by the way.


5. Everybody projects onto you

This is definitively the worst thing you could do on someone’s birthday.

6. Oh yeah, the aging

Another birthday just means that one more year of your life is down the toilet.


7. The social media problem

Now, people you haven’t talked to since high school can make you a personalized video. Isn’t that totally uninvasive?

8. The bad luck never ends

Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean that something really bad won’t happen.


9. Other birthdays are great!

Some people don’t seem to get this. The problem isn’t birthdays in general, it’s specifically your birthday.

10. Restaurants

This video is self-explanatory. My birthdays at restaurants will haunt me for the rest of my life.


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11. An open mind is futile

Even when you try to celebrate, it never turns out well.

Well, that’s the long and short of it. At the end of the day, birthdays are just a representation of one more revolution around the sun. As a result, we’ve created this arbitrary marker of time to measure success and inspire reflection.

Still, it’s a great opportunity to request some kind of special treatment – even if that means asking everyone to leave you in peace.

So, what do you hate the most about birthdays? Share with us in the comments below!