11 Things Millennials Did for the Last Time

Where are all my Millennials at? Gen Y (as in “Why were we dealt this crappy hand?”) is in the house.

Only true Millennials can appreciate these 11 things Millennials did, that we will never do again. In some cases, for the better, in others…well, let’s just say kids today can’t appreciate how much simpler things were back in the day.

1. Take the packaging off of a brand new CD:

Such a satisfying feeling. That plastic was slippery.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

2. Play outside with friends:

A little part of me just died inside.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

3. Replace dead batteries w/ partially used batteries:

You want to get your moneys worth!

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

4. Log into AIM:

*sound of a door opening*

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

5. Log into Myspace:

Who’s in your top 8?

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

6. Use T9 to send a text:

I don’t miss this.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

7. Find a toy in your box of cereal:

When did plastic spoons that change color in milk stop being cool?!

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

8. Burn a Mix CD:

Mix CDs were the best gifts.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

9. Print out your MapQuest directions:

Mom wouldn’t let me leave home without this.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

10. Watch a VHS tape:

Jokes on you! I still have all of my bootleg VHS tapes!

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

11. REWIND that VHS tape:

True dat.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

Now I’m feeling all the feels.

You whipper snappers may have Disney+ but I had an entire collection of bootleg VHS tapes. Pus Myspace wasn’t nearly as addictive as social media is today, and you certainly didn’t want your parents getting one. Ah, oh well. At least we have the memories.

My fellow Millennials, which one of these do you relate to most?

Let us know in the comments!