11 Things That You Used to Get Frustrated About That Are Now Funny

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Sometimes, the little things can set us over the edge. Of course, that can be made worse by stress and the frustration of everyday life.

That certainly was the case years ago, when technology and life itself was just a little bit different. Looking back, it’s enlightening to realize that some of those snafus just didn’t really matter.

1. The dreaded iPod battery

When that familiar dead battery icon flashed, you knew your tunes were done for.

2. Nighttime minutes were the only minutes

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If you didn’t call me after 9, I didn’t answer. How could I afford to?

3. Find out your CD looks like a Tiger got its claws on it

Hard to listen to your favorite song when the CD looks like it went through a woodchipper.

4. Waiting for your old Windows desktop to download a file

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You thought I was going to wait 39 years to download that file? You’re drunk, Windows.

5. Making a mix CD only for it to not be recognized

What was the point of compiling that perfect playlist? Where did my tunes go?

6. When your carefully chosen album art just disappeared.

What a waste of time that was. I needed pictures to complement my music!

7. Having your YouTube video experience rudely interrupted.

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No worries, computer. I wasn’t in the middle of something really important or anything.

8. One false step ruining your Uggs.

One wrong move could cost you those precociously priced pair of Uggs.

9. Losing the top of your reloadable pencil.

Photo Credit: We Know Memes

If you didn’t have one of those pencils as a kid, you didn’t have a childhood. Of course, that childhood was temporarily ruined if you ever lost the top.

10. The Xbox Red Ring of Death

So much for gaming all day. This symbol caused many childhood tears.

11. Forgetting to spell-check your Converse

That permanent marker looked much worse when you forgot to check the spelling.

What used to grind your gears back in the day that now makes you chuckle? Tell us about your funniest moments of frustration from years ago in the comments below!