11 Times People Swear They Had a Brush with the Paranormal

Have you ever had a brush with something you could only explain as completely unexplainable… unless you believe in the paranormal… but of course that’s not real… right?

I mean, come on, the paranormal isn’t a thing?!

And do I have to REALLY worry about ghosts now?!?!?!

Yeah, Askreddit is on it… as usual.

1. “my friends mom had used a ouija board to contact…”

Me and my buddy were playing SNES in my room (yeah, I’m that old!) when suddenly, the room filled with thick and hazy cigarette smoke. The smell of nicotine was overpowering and we were both really confused as nobody in my family ever smoked and we lived in a detached house, so it couldn’t have been the neighbors either. The smoke hung around for about a minute, then it cleared and vanished as suddenly as it had arrived.

Later that afternoon. We found out that my friends mom had used a ouija board to contact her father (my friend’s grandfather) who had died a year previously from lung cancer. Apparently he smoked 60 a day and always smelled like cigarettes. She was unable to contact him that day, but that’s the only explanation I have for the weirdness.

2. “And I saw my family […] being tortured and killed.”

I don’t know if I would say the only possibility is paranormal, but it was damn weird. I have had several dreams similar to what I am posting.

I’ve been a caver in Florida for about 13 years, since I was about 6; and have been to a lot of caves. Never been afraid before this to go in one.

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I started having this reoccurring dream. I would have it at least twice a year, always the same even though I would realize I was dreaming after the first few iterations.

I would fall asleep and dream of being in a cave and going into this little hole in the bottom. Inside I would see a 10-15 foot long corridor about 2-4 feet high. At the end it would always turn left, and I always saw a bent red stop sign at the end, like someone ripped off the top 2 feet and tossed it in. But I would always follow the corridor.

I would turn and walk past the sign despite being scared, despite many times knowing what was there, and the corridor would start descending, quickly opening up into a large vertical chamber with the path leading down in a corkscrew. Everything became blurry at this point, but it was always the same.

I saw trash scattered on the walls.

I saw the pit leading down to a curved floor.

I saw things, undefined… animals or people or something else at the bottom.

And I saw my family, each with one of the things, being tortured and killed. Every time. And I could never do anything.

After I saw that, I would be stuck for a few seconds until I felt more than saw everything turn and look at me. And I would wake up. Not like a normal dream where you just drift to consciousness or a nightmare where you bolt up in fear, but like something pushed me out. Like I wasn’t supposed to be there.

So I have this dream multiple times a year until I turned fifteen. My father decided to take us to some caves we never had been before. One of which was Dog Drop. It was likely named so because someone either threw there pet in there or a coyote fell in and the body was later discovered.

Dogdrop had a roughly 30 foot rappel straight down to enter. I went down with my brother while my father waited up at the top. There was a hole in the ground. I started to feel uneasy though I didn’t know why. So I followed my brother into the hole. I felt worse as I moved down.

And when I looked up I saw the same corridor, the same turn, the same wall, the same bottles at the corner. And I instantly was hit with this overwhelming sense of nausea and fear and being watched and everything was screaming at me to leave.

I froze and must have made some noise because my brother turned around and asked what was wrong. I managed to say I wanted to leave now and climbed out as quickly as I could, followed immediately by my brother.

We packed up and left, never have gone back and never will. Haven’t told anyone what actually happened, just said I wasn’t feeling well, and they forgot pretty quickly.

The thing that really makes it creepy for me is I have never had the dream again. Year after year I would have it consistently, but it just stopped after that. But I still remember it all.

And I still feel afraid, almost an external fear, when I think of it.

3. “I called her name and the sobbing instantly stopped.”

I woke up from a nap to the sound of my girlfriend sobbing somewhere else in the house. I got up to see what was wrong and determined the sound was coming from downstairs.

I followed the sound down the spiral staircase all the way to the finished basement. The sound was definitely coming from the little half-bath at the bottom of the stairs that we rarely used. The door was closed (which it never was) and I couldn’t see any light under the door but the sound was very loud from the bottom of the stairs.

It was about this time that I started to fully wake up and remembered my girlfriend had been leaving for the grocery store when I was starting my nap. I could see her parking spot from one of the basement windows – she wasn’t back yet. I called her name and the sobbing instantly stopped. The bathroom was empty when I finally got the courage to check.

4. “She is normally extremely cautious and responsible.”

This is in my mom’s life, not mine.

Once when she was a kid, she was waiting with her younger sister at the bus stop when she felt a strong craving for a candy bar. She is normally extremely cautious and responsible, but this one time she felt such as strong urge for candy that she decided to run to the nearest convenience store with her sister and get some.

By the time they got back to the stop, a driver had lost control of the bus and mowed down a bunch of people there.

5. “…I knew something strange and terrifying had just happened.”

I was walking into my bedroom, just having closed the door. I felt a chill down my neck, and was frozen in fear.

At that moment, my necklace that I had been wearing fell to the floor. I don’t know why, but I knew something strange and terrifying had just happened.

I picked up my necklace from the floor, and it was still clasped.

6. “This is where shit got WEIRD.”

I went to a graveyard at about midnight with a group of friends to visit an old friend who died in a car accident. While we were standing around his grave, telling good stories about him, I hear a faint voice of an elderly woman. One of my friends says out loud ‘Oh shit, wtf?’ I stand up and look toward the source. I saw a very old woman, literally dressed in a white tattered night gown about 100ft away. She started talking to us.

‘Sir?? Get over here now, I need help!’

We stood still. No one said a thing. The part that weirded me out was that she used the singular word “Sir” when clearly there was five of us. She started walking closer and started speaking again but even louder.

‘Boys, I need your help NOW.’

Note the plurality. Then, she literally started RUNNING toward us, screaming nonsense. We were all scared out of our minds so we ran back to the car, with this old woman close behind.

We reached the car, which was a 2-door, and everyone got in before me. Including the driver, so the driver’s seat was blocking my entrance to the back seat. I yelled as I approached the car and he got out and let me in. Doors slammed and we flew down the small graveyard roads to the opposite side, where the exit was.

This is where shit got WEIRD.

We get to the other side of the graveyard in like 10 seconds. We’re speeding toward the exit, and we approach a curved road that was well lit. AND THE OLD LADY RAN ONTO THE ROAD! No way she RAN over there that fast. I see her trying to chase us down and finally she lets out the most terrifying scream I’ve ever heard. Sounded like she was being murdered slowly and painfully. We fled the scene just seconds after and never returned.

Four other friends of mine can testify as witnesses to that night. By far the most terrifying experience in my life.

7. “And then in a low gravelly voice we hear: ‘GET OUT’

In high school, me and my friends started and ran a ‘paranormal investigators’ club. We were lame and it was mostly just an excuse to hang out. We did have a mild interest in ghosts, and our town/school had plenty of urban legends to go off of.

We didn’t get permission from the school to have activities outside of campus, and we couldn’t go in any buildings that had urban legends surrounding them. So we were stuck outside of buildings, on campus – at night.

So we had a bunch of outings were we took photos of random things – looked for ‘orbs’ (there were a lot but I was never like ‘OMG DASSA GHOST’)

So one day we got our hands on a tape recorder. We had ourselves a little seance.

We formed a circle, did a generic greeting to any spiritual things that might be present, and included some instructions – we were going to leave the tape on for 2 minutes and the group was going to be silent.

This was a Friday night. After the tape we packed it up and went home.

Our next club meeting was the following Tuesday. So our teacher chaperone/endorsement was a nice guy. But not anything special as far as teachers go. You know the type.

So we sit down and start talking and the teacher tells us that we should probably listen to the tape.

So, we fire it up. Everything is going exactly like we remembered.

Silence begins. About 45 seconds in the tape screeches, makes a sound like it’s speeding up…

And then in a low gravelly voice we hear:


Tape screeches again resumes. Entire 2 minutes of silence accounted for.

I don’t know what to make of the event, all I know is I don’t believe the tape was doctored. A – I don’t think the teacher had the skills to do so B – it was physical tape, not digital. And the recorder was probably older than I was/am.

It might not have been a big deal to just go over and tape over the silence, but I don’t think that accounts for the strange sounds the tape made.

8. “Naturally, I just assumed it was a dream.”

About 3 years ago I was out stargazing with a friend on top of a hill in my hometown at about 2am on a really hot night. Like it was scorching. We were in the middle of a heatwave and you’d be lucky if the temperature was 30 degrees Celsius.

As we were watching the stars and talking, there was this massive bright light, and we initially thought it was just a shooting star, but we soon realised that it must have been in our atmosphere because it kept getting closer and closer. Eventually it was literally right over the top of us. It was silent and didn’t disturb the environment whatsoever.

Then it just flashes and disappears. Believe it or not that isn’t the strange part.

The strange part is that after the flash of light happened, we woke up on the ground almost exactly 5 metres away from where we were laying and it was 7am in the morning.

Naturally, I just assumed it was a dream. I told my friend about the dream, and she says, with very distant eyes, “that wasn’t a dream.” I thought he was joking, but she was adamant about it. She was absolutely sure that that what we saw wasn’t a dream. I think she’s pulling some kind of elaborate prank, so I don’t take the bait. We walk home, and she’s shaken to her core. Barely talking. Staring off into nothing. Her hands literally shaking.

It went on for weeks. Whatever she saw that night, whatever happened, it fucking really scared her.

One day a few weeks later I bring it up and she aggressively yells at me and tells me to never ever talk to her about that night ever again. She was an otherwise very chill person who rarely ever raised her voice at anything.

She basically refused to go out at night time after that, and she never talked about the incident for the rest of her life.

She died last year, and ever since then, I can’t help but feel as though maybe something did happen that night on the hill.

9. “I look down thinking it was my uncle fucking with me.”

When I was younger my parents got me a bunk bed so I could have friends come over and spend the night. You know try to be the cool kid in elementary school who invited all his friends over. Well it was a trick eventually soon after my uncle moved in with us and he crashed on the bottom bunk while I slept on the top. My uncle also happened to be bartending at the time so he often came home really late like 2am for example. Sometimes a bit intoxicated sometimes not. Well one night after he comes home and wakes me up from all the noise he makes I tell him goodnight then roll over and try to fall back asleep.

After falling back asleep maybe 30 minutes later I feel the most unbelievable strong grasp on my arm. Imagine a full grown man taking his hand and wrapping it around your entire forearm. That’s what it felt like for maybe a good 2 seconds then gone. Of course it woke me up freaking out. I look down thinking it was my uncle fucking with me. He was passed out on his stomach.

To this day I don’t know what caused it. I know for a fact it woke me up so could of been some weird dream were the feelings transferred over into the real world a little bit.

10. “I hear a sharp thump sound…”

I was either 13 or 14, home alone one evening before my parents got home from work. In my room watching tv when I hear the blinds from our patio door in the kitchen slightly move. I freak out and go take a look and notice them just stopping as I arrive. I am weirded out but in my head I explain it as a current that passed in the house since our heating is on.

As I’m heading back to the room I hear a sharp thump sound as if something has fallen. I’m freaking out as I now think there is someone in the house but i know there is no way they could have been in the kitchen and then my room without me noticing. I peak inside and see my baseball player statue that has a flat base laying sideways on my dresser. Somehow it got knocked over.

I freakin run downstairs put the tv on full blast as I didn’t want to hear anything else and wait terrified for my parents to get home.

After that evening I never experienced anything freaky at all in that house.

11. “…it rolled twice around all 4 legs of the chair…”

Once when I was younger, I was at my Grandma’s house probably back in like ’93. I was drawing at the kitchen table when a marble rolled along the floor, I didn’t think much of it because it could’ve been the old floors.

But then, it rolled twice around all 4 legs of the chair in perfect fucking circles, and rolled off.

I was just in shock for a few moments, then went back to drawing.