11 Times That People Totally Used the Wrong Word With Extreme Confidence

We’ve all been so starved for in-person socialization at this point.

Some of us don’t even know how to form full sentences anymore, let alone find the right words to use.

It’s easy to be baffled by even the most low stakes interactions, so here are 11 times people used the wrong word with god-tier level confidence.

Though our brains might be slowly turning to mush, at least we’re not deteriorating on our own!

1. “Pleasantries”

Well would you look at that! Here’s a two-for-one special!

Image Credit: someecards

2. Amazing

There are very few things that are less pedestrian than being a doctor.

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3. Ye olde tutor

As if the capital letter wasn’t already a dead giveaway – hasn’t everybody watched The Tudors yet?

Image Credit: someecards

4. Call in the woodwinds

Alright band geeks, it’s time to orchestrate some action here.

Image Credit: someecards

5. That’s some language barrier

This is a pretty common issue when so many colloquial phrases just get taken for granted.

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6. And another one

The fun never ends!

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7. Come catch these meta-paws

If you’re looking for these meta-paws, you’re gonna get these meta-claws.

Image Credit: someecards

8. That’s totally a body part

They’re located somehwere near the kid knees.

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9. We’re all dealing with the panoramic

Yep, it’s all around us, everywhere, at all times.

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10. Math-medical studies

Remember the simpler days of elementary school, when math-medics only meant a-dish-in and sub-attraction?

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11. Well…

I guess… this is forever, then?

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Well, going through all those epic word fails did wonders for what little is left of my measly self-esteem. I hope that these few minutes of scrolling have done the same for you. You’re worth it.

Have you ever seriously flubbed your words? Share your story with us in the comments!