12 Admitted Skeptics Share the Creepiest Things They’ve Seen That They Couldn’t Explain

Do you consider yourself a skeptic about the paranormal and the supernatural?

I sure do, because I’ve never seen anything with my own eyes that made me believe otherwise.

But still, I have to admit that the topic really intrigues me and I find myself reading about it quite a bit…because you just never know…

Skeptics on AskReddit talked about the creepy and unexplained things they’ve seen.

Let’s see what went down…

1. The motel.

“My parents run a motel, when they bought it my mum asked if anything bad has happened in the rooms and the old owner said just one. That one guy came and stayed in room 7, then went in the night and committed s**cide in the woods adjacent to us.

Room 7 is a fine room, actually my favourite of them all for the sunlight it gets and the general vibe. But room 12 is completely haunted imo.

I worked there for a while cleaning rooms and helping out while they got to grips with the business, and I would be feeling completely fine up until hitting room 12. About 5 minutes into cleaning it I would need to step outside and get some fresh air because I felt like I needed to throw up. This happened every time I needed to go in there.

About 6 months later, it got an infestation of maggots. They were everywhere! My dad went in every hour to remove them to try and find where they were coming from, and ultimately it seemed like they were dropping down from the bathroom ceiling. So he went into the roof expecting to find a d**d possum or rat, but there was nothing- not even a single maggot.

It stopped after 3 days, but it continues to have seemingly insignificant issues that guests mention, like the bathroom door moving when no one’s been near it which they assume is a breeze, or the walls making noises that the say sound like a rat or something scratching around. But all the rooms are connected in a line, so if there was a rat it would be heard in other rooms too.

It’s just an inexplicably creepy room and we have no idea why, and we can’t do anything about it!”

2. Those blue eyes.

“When I was 13 and in boy scouts my troop took a weekend trip to the USS Lexington wherein you stay overnight on the ship, eat in the mess hall, explore the ship etc.

As you work your way through an aircraft carrier you go through all kinds of crazy compartments, very steep stairs, hatches, etc. On one tour we were going down to the ships engine room which required us to climb down steep stairs one at a time. I went first and when I got to the bottom I noticed a blonde young man in an old crew outfit kneeling down working on something.

He noticed me, stood up and looked at me with blue eyes. He nodded then walked into an adjacent doorway out of my view. When the rest of my group got down the stairs we walked over to the doorway the guy had gone through and found it was the ships barbershop. I was shocked to see there was no man in the room and there were no other doors to leave the room than the one we went in. I told my friends but they didn’t believe me.

Later on that night there were several activities to choose from with one of them being a ghost story session of the ship. The Lexington was damaged in naval battles several times either by torpedo or kamikaze.

In one story they told a torpedo smashed into a section of the engine room k**ling many of the crew members. commonly seen ghost was a blonde sailor with blue eyes.”

3. Haunted house.

“I don’t believe in ghosts and paranormal stuff, but I’m absolutely sure I lived in a house that was haunted. I know that doesn’t make sense.

I lived there with my dad and stepmom in my late teens. We all thought we were going crazy until we talked about it one day and realized we were all having weird experiences. Just a few things that happened there I really can’t explain:

I once woke up with a very distinct hand print on my stomach, like someone had been pressing their hand into my skin and left a red mark. It was child sized. Way too small to be my own.

I got into the shower once and when I got out the candle in the bathroom was lit. I am 100% sure it was not lit when I got into the shower and I was the only one home at the time.

A couple days after we moved in, was standing with my back to a wall talking to my dad. I felt a hand on my back shove me, hard enough that I lost my balance and stumbled forward. I spun around but obviously nobody was there. Just me and my dad who I had been facing at the time.

Other things could just be chalked up to the house being creepy. I’d always sprint up the stairs two at a time because if I went slowly, I’d get this horrible feeling about half way up. Its hard to describe. It felt like there was someone looming over my shoulder right behind me, and like that presence meant me harm.

It was terrifying and I’ve never experienced anything like it before or since. My eyes would well up with tears and I’d be completely paralyzed with fear. I later found out my stepmom had been experiencing the exact same thing in that same spot on the stairs. There was also a loft area which was theoretically where we watched TV, but the feeling in that room was unbearable and we rarely used it.

My dad experienced sleep paralysis while we lived there, but never before or since. He’d have this dream that he was awake and a figure was standing above him, holding him down with their hand on his chest so he couldn’t move. It stopped when we left that house. He was also constantly losing things and they’d turn up in places that made no sense.

Weird drafts. Once I was sitting on the couch and there was a cool draft blowing on my arm, coming from the aforementioned creepy stairs. After a few minutes, feeling like a total crazy person, I loudly said “stop doing that” and the draft stopped instantly.

I feel like there’s got to be an explanation for it all but I don’t have it. My grandparents built the house in the 70s when my dad was around 11 years old, and we moved in after my grandma d**d and my grandpa was moved to a care home. My dad says the house was always creepy, but I never got a chance to ask my grandparents about it.”

4. Flash.

“Years ago a friend of mine that is no longer with us and myself were taking a cruise down a backroad with two girls. It was literally out in the middle of nowhere with no houses nearby or any other car traveling the road.

One of the girls was driving and I was in the front seat and my friend in the back. I saw a bright silver flash with the outline of a person in it in front of the car and ducked down. At the exact same moment my friend let out a scream. The girl driving the car came to a stop and asked what was going on.

Both my friend and myself both described the exact same silver flash and the person standing in the middle of it. We both insisted that there was no way she could have avoided hitting the person. Neither girl saw the person or the silver flash and there was no damage to the vehicle.”

5. Scary.

“Lights flashing in my bedroom at night when I was around 12.

It looked like an invisible man walking around in the room and taking pictures with a camera, but all we could see were the flashes. It happened from 2 am to 6 am, a flash every few minutes or so.

I had two of my friends with me who slept over, that’s how I know I didn’t dream or imagine it.”

6. Run for it!

“I was exploring an abandoned multi story building with some family members that local legend claimed was haunted.

We didn’t notice anything when we were inside, but after we left and were walking away from the building my sister looked back at the building and then pointed something out to me.

In one of the top floor windows were two humanoid silhouettes that appeared to be looking down at us. We got freaked out and ran.”

7. On the beach.

“On the beach in San Diego – circa 1990. (Somewhere around north PB , for the curious.)

Sitting on a little hill above the shore with my boyfriend. It was evening, but not pitch black or anything – you could see the waves breaking and all. For a split couple of seconds, I saw a woman wearing old fashioned clothing kind of strolling as if she was walking up the shore. She didn’t look solid, more white and glowing a bit. And then she vanished.

My boyfriend was facing towards me, so he didn’t see her. I just gasped and it took a second for me to be able to tell him what I saw. I’ve done a couple of searches to see if anyone has seen the same thing but came up empty handed. I wish i could remember the exact spot we were sitting.”

8. Rattles your brain.

“I was a manager at a pet store, and we used paper bags. This elderly lady bought a couple things, and was rang through and then continued to browse for a bit while she waited for friends/family.

As I was filling out something on one of the unused tills for paper work, I noticed this woman’s paper bag start to leak out of the corner. Then turned into a steady stream that did not stop. At first I was like maybe she put a bottle of water on the bag upside down, no biggie.

So I went over to point out her bottle was leaking in her bag (she didn’t notice) and then I looked into the bag. No bottle, nothing that could have been leaking. It was a clear bag of biscuits packaged in store, and a bully stick.

I took the bag of biscuits out and it was completely full of water, draining out of the corner, but here’s the paranormal/unexplained bit: the bag never decreased in level of water. It just kept pouring water with no stopping.

Me and a few customers just watched it for 10 seconds before I realized I should take it out side. So I did, customers in tow, and just sat the bag down while it continued to pour. And after 30 seconds after I put it down, the bags water level started to sudden decrease and was empty in like 5 seconds.

I was f**king floored. Like what did I just witness? A bag that was magically connected to a source of water? I don’t and still don’t know. I watched the cameras over so many times and couldn’t explain it.

I still think about it from time to time as it still rattles my brain.”

9. Wow.

“My friend and I were out cruising around Lebanon, coming back from a night out in Beirut and heading up the mountains to my place. My friend took a wrong turn, and we figured we’d just drive up the road and turn around.

The moment we finished the freeway ramp, we ended up in this deserted, secluded town, which looked like a military installation. It looked brand spanking new, satellite dishes everywhere, gates, barbed wire etc. We thought f**k, we wondered off some recon installation or something, but it was odd. There was absolutely NO ONE.

The creepiest part.. None of that area looked like Lebanon AT ALL. Like we teleported someplace else. All the buildings were extremely modern, European/Western like, and there was not a single soul, yet the installation was abuzz with activity. We were freaking out, and got the hell out ASAP.

For years, we’ve attempted to find that place again and failed. Everyone we talk to mentions that such a place does not exist. We’ve tried finding it again and again, and we’ve come to wonder now if we some how came across a wormhole tear into another dimension/space from how surreal and completely different that area looked than anything in Lebanon.”

10. Horrifying.

“I was in a hotel room waiting for my SO at the time to get out of the shower. The room had one of those giant mirrors across the back wall behind the bed.

I was crawling my way up the bed to crash on the pillows and Im looking at myself in the mirror when suddenly I saw what i can only describe as a..corpse maybe? in the reflection where mine should be. Sagging skin, no hair, sunken eyes, skin and bones, and weirdly pale/purple. Saw it for a split second reaching at me, then it was gone.

Absolutely horrifying. I immediately ran into the bathroom to my SO, who laughed and never believed me. I’ll never forget it.”

11. Knocking.

“I was about 18 years old and this was during summertime in Texas.

I was living in a little house by myself on my parents property and it was about 2 am, playing video games. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door and it wasn’t a gentle knock, it was a little loud.

I stood up kinda spooked because I didn’t have many friends, much less any that would come at that hour and especially so aggressively.

I stood there in the middle of my room past midnight and asked, “who’s there?” …. no answer, the doorknob jiggled. I was trying not to panic. Again I asked, “who is it?” …. no answer, more knocks, “who’s there???” I yelled.

LOUDER KNOCKS and the door knob jiggles more aggressively, still no answer.

At this point I’m freaked the f**k out, no one I know would come and mess with me like this at 2 am. I didn’t have a cell phone at the time but I had a landline so I used my home phone to call my dads cell and hoped like hell that he’d answer…. he did and I quickly explained everything.

He ran to the back door of their house adjacent from my front door, and confirmed no one was there. It suddenly quieted down as soon as I called my dad and it didn’t happened again for the rest of the night. I asked that my dad keep his cell phone loud for the rest of the night and keep an ear out for it just in case, but I was scared to d**th, and also curious af.

I couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning and ask everyone I knew if it was them, but everyone I asked said it definitely wasn’t them.

Still creeps me out to this day.”

12. Burning up.

“Back when I was married and the kids were still small, we were in bed one morning, just before we got up.

Started to smell burning, really strong. Neither of us smoked, no candles in the room or anything like that. It was really strong smelling, looked under the bed, everything, outside in the hall, but it was only in the bedroom. I eventually took the pillows back, and under my pillow, under the sheet the mattress had a 1 inch burn mark in it, like the material of the mattress was burnt through, exposing the filling.

It was still hot. The weird thing was there wasn’t a mark on the sheet that was touching it, or the pillow. And it wasn’t regular bedroom heat that caused it, there was very little of that going on.”

How about you?

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